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Heat and more strawberries!

On Monday the heat was extreme! About 28 degrees outside, and over 40 degrees in the polytunnel.

We did a lot of watering and needed to stop frequently for drinks. We planted some runner bean seeds, potted on some basil plants and thinned lettuce. In the afternoon we had a bumper crop of strawberries to pick, and a good bunch of flowers - cosmos and sweet peas.

On Tuesday it was much cooler, and easier for working in the polytunnel. We watered and weeded all the inside beds, and planted up the final bed with cucumbers. Its great to see everything growing so well in the polytunnel. We even have our first tiny baby tomatoes. Outside we prepared a bed by filling a trench with compost, and making a bamboo structure over it.

We planted some runner bean plants and climbing french beans next to the bamboo sticks. Finally we picked another bumper crop of strawberries - this is the best year ever!

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