What do we do?

Growing Experience provides people with learning disabilities the opportunity to work as a supported volunteer on part of the Sheffield Organic Growers 12 acre site.

We offer the chance to learn skills in a real work environment, to gain valuable work experience (in preparation for applying for a job), or to further a leisure interest in growing your own food or flowers and learning gardening techniques.

We do a variety of work, all tailored to the experience, interests, strengths and needs of our supported volunteers. The work can include gardening inside a polytunnel, weeding, planting seedlings, harvesting and sorting apples, picking soft fruit (redcurrants, gooseberries, blackcurrants), planting and picking flowers, labelling apple juice, digging etc.

Who can we support?


We can support people aged 16 plus who have learning disabilities. We work in very small groups  and most people who come have Down Syndrome or are Autistic.

Sadly we cannot provide 1:1 support. 

As our site is on a sloping field, and the ground is very uneven, it is not accessible for people with mobility disabilities.

What does it cost?

Our charges are:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays

10am-3pm £ 40

start times will be slightly staggered to meet social distancing requirements


Reopening after covid-19 closure